Monday, April 20, 2009


Whoa, my legs are useful for something.

Look what I found Ethan doing last week! One minute he was in the middle of his play area and the next thing I knew he was already standing up against the couch! He first started pulling himself upright from a tummy position (baby is all arm muscle) but soon found it was much easier to sit first and then pull himself up. I finally was able to captured it on film (if you are wondering, the cushions on the couch were removed and placed around the play area to help keep crawling babies safe inside - although now he is able to crawl over two stacked up pillows so there goes that idea. Mommy is getting quite the work-out these days):

Hi Mommy!



Oh me? Don't mind me...I won't do anything with the tissue box.
Definitely won't be eating it for sure.

Oops. Couldn't resist a taste.

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  1. Too cute! I love the video! Looks like he is defying gravity there for a while as his legs are suspended in the air while his body is on the couch! That's funny, Katie totally loves tissue boxes too. She used to eat the tissues, but luckily doesn't anymore...well not as much! :P I can't believe he's pulling to a stand, before you know it, he'll be taking his first steps! Sniffle sniffile, growing up so fast!