Thursday, June 3, 2010


Over Memorial Weekend Bob and I took a short trip to Japan to celebrate our anniversary (pictures to follow later).  Side story:  Bob left for Japan early for work and I was to meet up with him over the weekend.  He calls me on the morning of the 24th (he usually calls after work) and wished me a happy anniversary.  I thought I had a very sweet husband until I realized the date.  It wasn't the 28th!  =P  Apparently my husband does not remember when we got married...every year he thinks it's on the 24th.  I suppose I should just happy he remembers it at all. 

So we have been married for four years!  Okay, that doesn't seem very long, but so many things have happened the last few years - marriage, baby, a few job changes, and a move to a different country.  Whew.  This was also the first time we have ever left Ethan since one of us is always at home with him.  Luckily we had my mom to help us out and take care of Ethan so we knew we left him in good hands!

I had an amazing time in Japan - Kyoto has been on my must travel to list for a long time so I was super excited to get to visit the city.  But we did miss Ethan a lot.  I think he would have loved the bullet train and also running around the pretty gardens.  Since I can't have a post without mentioning Ethan, here are some cute things that he has been doing recently:

-He will ask himself 'Can he do it?' as he tries to climb up something especially high.
-He has an array of faces he makes on demand.  An angry face, his scrunchie face, his cheese face for pictures.  When you ask him to wiggle his nose or eyebrows he just squeezes his eyes shut several times since he thinks they control the other parts of his face.
-He somehow picked up the phrase 'oh my goodness' and 'oh my god'
-He will run up to his lovey and say 'Yaya, I mizzz you!' and shower it with kisses.  He also likes to make YaYa clap it's hands when we sing a song.
-When Bob works from home, he will open the door to the office, peek in and say 'Hello Hellooo' and then duck back out.
-He tries valiantly to jump but so far has not managed to get off the ground.

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  1. Happy Anniversary to you! I actually do remember it's the 28th, I remember it had to have an 8 in it and was Memorial Day weekend. I on the other hand did not remember to wish you a Happy Anniversary that day, so Bob is much better than I am! :) Sounds like you had a great time! So brave to venture off just the two of you!

    Love all of Ethan's cutisms! :) I totally CAN NOT wait to see him in a few months! I really can't wait to see whether he and Katie will have a conversation! :) I will definitely get it on video if they do, it would be cuteness squared! :)