Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last post about Japan I promise!  We only spent half a day in Osaka (and half of that time traveling to the airport and back to drop of our luggage since someone didn't think they had luggage storage lockers in the city *cough cough Bob*).  Since we didn't have time to go to a real onsen while in Kyoto we ended up at a place called Spa World.  It's like an entire building with 8 floors dedicated to spa/water activities.  Since it got such great reviews and people say they spend all day there we thought we were good for a couple of hours.  Turns out I visited every pool and did every treatment and was still done in one hour.  =P  I guess I'm not much of a spa person.  We then wandered around the streets in Osaka where there are statues of Billikens everywhere.  Or at least on the particular streets we wandered down.


Then at last we went home.  I was lucky and got to try out the new pods they have in business class on Cathay.  At first I thought they were confining and isolating but it turns out I really liked being isolated from all the other people.  It was kinda cosy!  Then we got home to a certain little boy that I missed very much.  The next morning when I saw him he just said 'Mommy'!  Then ran back and played with his toys like it was a usual morning.  =P  I guess I'm not need that much after all.  Side story:  The morning I left for Japan I told him I was off to work (since Bob goes off on business trips all the time and that is the term we use) and would be gone for a few days.  It was breakfast time and he wanted to have cereal instead of the oatmeal that he was eating.  So I said I would go to the grocery store to buy some and snuck out the door.  Well, periodically when I was gone he would ask to 'go find mommy' and my mom would say I went to work.  Then he would counter 'no, mommy go buy cereal'. are cute.  So the whole time I was gone he probably just thought I was taking a really long time at the grocery store.  I have noticed the last week or so since I have been back that he won't request cereal anymore even when I offer it to him as a choice.  He probably thinks that I will disappear again to try to find the cereal.  We have a sweet cute funny boy.

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  1. You should try one of those pampering treatments at Banyan Tree Spa then... the hours will slip by without your noticing. Interesting observation about Ethan. We have similar experience with Narelle, so we are very careful with what we tell her, don't want to "traumatize" or "scar" her for life ;-)