Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Observation of the Day

'I don like eet fall on da ground!' 

- E


  1. Right! Emily, you really educate Ethan very well and he is really a amart boy......

  2. Thanks although I can't take any credit because we don't really do much beside play all day. He cracks me up with the funny things he will say or observe. The other day he asked Bob 'are you grumpy?'. And he saw a cane for the first time and said 'he holding big big hammer'. Every little kid is so cute.

  3. Such a smarty pants! That's a very important thing to understand, most kids don't and happily eat anything off the ground! Are you going to teach him the 5 second rule now? ;P He is sooo talkative, that's amazing! Katie wasn't that talkative until she turned 2! So advanced already! I'm curious what he and katie will talk about in September! :) heehee! :)