Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Boy And His Bathtub

Now that Ethan is a big boy he gets the big boy bathtub. It's cute, it's yellow, it's cushy and it can quack! E loves the tub and playing in it even more (thanks Cindy for the flashy bath toys!). Who can resist a baby splashing in the tub?

Ethan always has one foot in the air when he is lying on his back. Sometimes two, but then one has to be higher than the other. He is a funny boy.

Note: this post was like a month in the making. I had to find some time to edit the video to ensure that my amateur film making career stayed strictly PG-13. I'm sure Ethan will thank me for this later when he is older.

And more pictures of Ethan playing in the tub. It was the only 'toy' we left out for him to play with (since it is deflatable and we could pack it in our luggage) after we packed all our belongings for the move to HK.

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  1. I'm so happy he likes the flashy frog! It was so fun watching him try to catch it as it floated around his tub. His laugh is so cute, what a happy baby! Bathtime is one of Katie's favorite times. I have to say bravo for the film editing. I think Ethan will most definitely be happy you made sure to protect his privacy! ;)