Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

It's Easter! I don't know who was more excited - Bob because it is officially the end of Lent and he can finally have diet coke, Ethan because he could partake in the Easter festivities, or me because I finally get to see Ethan with bunny ears. The Easter celebration here at Parkview was geared more towards older kids - they had some toss games, egg bingo, face painting and egg decorating. No egg hunt though! Bummer. There was a good turnout and we watched the older kids play the games and also took Ethan for a stroll along the garden podium.

Below are some pics of my sweet little bunny (Disclaimer: please forgive the ghetto bunny ears. I couldn't find bunny ears anywhere - what I would do to get a Target around here! Since we are still living out of the 3 suitcases we brought to HK, I had to fashion the ears out of scraps of paper, poultry shears and heavy packing tape. It was like being the MacGyver of crafts. But baby had to have some ears!).


  1. these pictures are adorable!

  2. Happy Easter! (well, a day late now) I LOVE the ghetto bunny ears, they are so cute! You definitely are the Macgyver of crafts!! The pic with you holding him and one of his bunny ears sagging is too cute! Glad you had fun celebrating, we did too! (as you'll see on my blog when you check it out! :P)