Saturday, April 11, 2009

P is for Paddleboating

Today we took Ethan to the Tai Tam Reservoir and went paddleboating! Fun fun! The reservoir is just down the road from Parkview and we pass by it every time we come home, so I was super excited when I found out that you could rent paddle boats there and go for a spin around the lake. It was really peaceful to just float along the water (most likely because Bob did all the paddling - thanks babes!).

It was especially fun because we got to see tons of turtles (both big ones and tiny baby ones) floating in the water and sunning themselves on the rocks. You are also allowed to feed the fish here and so we brought some bread at the dock - it was amazing to see all the fish swarming around your boat hoping to eat some of the bread. Ethan liked seeing all the aquatic life, although he seemed more interested in trying to eat the bread himself.

Since Tai Tam Park is also walking distance from Parkview, we frequently take Ethan out for a stroll there. It's nice because the pathways are flat (well, ok, it is a steep hill, but at least no stairs!) and paved and therefore one of the few places we found where we can use our stroller. Below is a picture at a picnic spot within the park.

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