Friday, April 17, 2009

For the record...

I would just like to state that our little bubba (as the expats here like to call babies) is a BOY. Ever since I moved to HK, everyone I have met asks me if E is a girl. It's not even phrased as the innocent 'Oh, is that a boy or girl?' but as the more certain question 'Oh, is that a girl?' and more often as the statement 'Oh, you have a girl. Right?'. This is often followed by a comment of his cuteness. And while Ethan, I'm sure, loves the compliments (he really does love strangers. He always smiles at everyone he meets), I will not be appeased by the flattery. J/k, I know that this is a harmless question and I can totally understand that the gender of a baby is very hard to ascertain. But seriously? Everyone that we have met. Someone even told me after I responded in the negative that E looks sweet just like a girl (things could have been lost in translation as this exchange was conducted all in Chinese).

Half of it is my fault because I do tend to bring Ethan out in his pajamas lounge-y clothes and these aren't really gender specific clothes. Let's face it, E has a very busy schedule. He wakes up at an ungodly hour and then proceeds to have 4 meals (but really it's like 6 separate feedings a day because he has his milk and solids separately), takes 2-3 naps, has playtime (okay so his whole day is basically one big playtime), story time and goes on at least two outings a day (mostly to the playground, grocery store, out for walk in the gardens, or if we are feeling brave, a field trip to the city beyond our apartment complex). And while I do take him out of his sleep sack and pop on a pair of loose fitting pants there really isn't enough time to be changing him in and out of his pj's between his naps and I feel bad if he slept in his cute outfits because I think the pants are restricting and uncomfortable. I mean, I would never want to take a nap while wearing jeans either. Then again I go out all the time in my pajamas lounge-y clothes too, so I guess I just don't care too much about clothes. But still he could be out wearing all blue rugged guy clothing and I will still get asked this question.

So just to clear the air - my little baby boy is just that. A sweet happy spirited boy.

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  1. Ethan is TOTALLY a little baby boy! You can totally tell from looking at him. At least you have an excuse, that he is wearing gender neutral clothes. I had Katie decked out in a pink jacket with a pink hat once and a lady at the grocery store said, "he's so cute!" HELLO? At least now, people are guessing correctly, saying "She's a girl right?" But the fact that they have to ask when she is wearing her girly dresses and hats, my gosh, they must think I'm crazy if they think I'd dress a boy like that! Sigh...someday they'll know Katie is definitely a girl. I wonder if it is a hair issue. Like Katie had no hair so thus, people assumed she was a boy. And Ethan has lots of hair so they think he's a girl? Who knows, but seriously, do we need to put big labels on them so people know what gender they are? ;P heh heh! At least we know one thing for sure, Ethan is definitely a cutie! :)