Tuesday, August 4, 2009

And we are one year old!

From Mommy:
I can't believe that Ethan is now 1 year old! Wah, where did my little baby go? The other day I sneaked in on him napping (yes, I still do this - I miss him for the hour or so that he away from me. Laugh) and was shocked to see that he takes up a full 3/4 of the crib where when he was just a few months old he could fit crosswise in the crib with room to spare. While I'm so excited that he is growing up and becoming more independent and learning so many new things each and every day I am also sad and already missing the newborn days. He will always be my baby (though I will try hard not to baby him too much and be the mom that embarrasses him by kissing him in front of his friends after dropping him off to school. Who am I kidding, of course I will be that mom). I love my Ethan!

From Daddy:
So from a daddy point of view, I actually can't wait for Ethan to get bigger so that we can do more stuff together. He's at the point now where he enjoys getting thrown around and crawling all over me and wrestling with me. We've also gone swimming a couple of times and he really likes that. Unfortunately, he finds it boring sitting in the stroller when I run with him.

It's also great to see him developing his own sense of humor. He cracks up when flicking the tip of his bottle or sippy cup and splashing me all over. If I'm not wearing a shirt, he immediately goes for my nipples and starts poking at them and cackling.

We've also had some pretty gross moments. Last week, carrying him to the bath, my dear son pee'd on me. The week before, he pooped on my hand. I could actually feel it coming out into a bigger and bigger pile on my hands. Yum. As with all males, poop is always funny.

The best though, is when he crawls up to you and wants to get picked up. He bounces up and down on his knees and throws his head back and waves his arms. Pretty cute if you ask me. As for the next year coming up, we'll work on training him to run the mile.

From both:
Happy birthday Ethan! The last year was so rewarding for us and having you has made our lives complete. We love you so much!


  1. So very sweet (and graphic with some of the poop and pee comments)! Following along with him on your blog over his first year was so great...it's the next best thing since we live so far away from each other. I can't wait to see him again...hopefully way before he is a teenager! ;P You two are such great, loving parents raising such a happy baby, Ethan is sooo very lucky! Happy Birthday Ethan (and his Mommy)!

  2. Aww your website is so great Em! Happy birthday to both you and Ethan. I have enjoyed reading every post on your blog, and can't wait to one day meet the little man. I hope to have a play date one day soon!

    Happy birthday Ethan and Emily!