Friday, August 7, 2009

Babies - They're Just Like us!

I will admit it - I love me some celebrity gossip and to unwind sometimes there is nothing better than just curling up with the latest copy of US Weekly. So this post is my ode to the mag's section: Stars - They're just like US!.

They brush their teeth.

They ponder what to order.
'Lemme see...the fish? Or the chicken? Is tuna chicken or fish?'

They drink diet soda.

They have 'working' lunches.
'Hold on, TOYSRUS stocks are going down, gotta buy buy buy!'

They hide from the paparazzi.
'Mom, I told you not to take photos of me in this outfit - now I'll be on fashion police!

They like celebrity gossip too!
'Whoa - John and Kate are dunzo?'

They talk on the cell.
'Hey you were you able to get me that Fisher-Price toy?'

'They were sold out? That's terrible!'

They show off their dancing skills.
'This is what happens when you party too hard on your birthday'

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