Monday, August 17, 2009

When I grow up...I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be...

A Professor or Musician!!

Even though we threw Ethan a birthday party early, we couldn't let his actual birthday go unmarked. So we had another mini celebration. Not only did Ethan get his first taste of sugar, he got two cakes within a week! But at the second celebration we also played the traditional Asian 'choose your career game' where you place objects in front of the birthday boy and he chooses what his future will hold.

We used the following items:

Money: Wealth
Crayons: Artist
Book: Author/Professor
Pen: Scholar
Calculator: Scientist/Engineer
Golf ball: Athlete
Bowl of Rice: Prosperity
Thread: Long Life
Ipod: Performer/Musician
Prescription Pills: Doctor

I know, I know...that is a lot of items. We got carried away. We let Ethan choose two items, hence the two different career options. Or maybe he will be a professor at Julliard. Or an author that writes biographies on famous performers. The possibilities are endless. You have a wide open fantastic future ahead of you Ethan!

Hmm...what should I choose?

Aha! The book!

We then rearranged the items in a different location and let Ethan choose his second item:

He stared at the thread for a long time, but then...

chose the Ipod!

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