Sunday, August 9, 2009

A few favorite things

I realized I forgot to give an update on what Ethan is into these days during his 1 year post:

A Few Of My Favorite Things
Favorite Food: Everything. Ethan is still on chunky purees predominately though. While he wants to self feed and can pick up food really well, the problem is that he tends to just swallow the food without really chewing it. I'm hoping when his top teeth fully come out (the four front teeth are now here giving him six teeth total!) he will get better about chewing. Although I guess they say you really need your molars and babies generally just gum things until then. He does well with diced ripe fruit and cooked veggies and we are slowly introducing things with a harder texture. He is a super fast eater however. He downs his milk (~8 oz a feeding) in 5 minutes and goes through his solids (~ 6 oz a meal) in the same amount of time. He sure loves to eat!
Favorite Book: The Hungry Caterpillar, Hey Wake Up!, and Maisy's Favorite Things.
Favorite Toys: Ethan loves credit cards. No joke. He will clench them in his hands and crawls around and pull himself up with the backs of his hands so as to not drop the cards. He also likes the laptop and mouse. I don't know why I bought him so many toys.
Favorite Color: Green! Then blue, yellow and lastly followed by red.
Favorite Activity: Climbing up and down the stairs and any piece of furniture within reach.
New Sounds: He can now say 8 words: Daddy (Da-deee), Ball (Baw), Quack Quack (Gwah Gwah), Hot (Hawt), Hi (Hi-ee), Yes (Yeshh), Banana (Ana), and Mommy (Maaa-ma). He also knows how to do the sign for 'more', 'all done', 'no', 'hi/bye'. I don't think we will be teaching him more signs because I think he is picking up words much more quickly. It's funny how you can really differentiate between his babbling. If he is complaining he will babble 'nignignig', if he is happy/excited he will let lose a string of 'dadadi', if he is tired he will start schreeching 'awoaha', if he is bored he will start with 'bababa', and if he wants something he will go 'uhn-uhn'. Yes I am a baby whisperer.

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