Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm drooling...

over the Olympus E-P1 camera. We have taken a gazillion pictures of one very cute boy over the past year, but our camera is just not up to snuff. I want to take amazing pictures in low light situations and have been eyeing the Nikon D60 for a few months now, but since we always want to capture every little moment I think it would be difficult at this time to carry around both a 20+ lb. toddler as well as a bulky camera. If only Ethan would show some interest in walking! So when I heard about this pen DSLR (well, Olympus advertises it is a DSLR) I've decided I'm in love. The two big drawbacks that are preventing me from buying it right now? Well, it is seriously $$$ and two, it has slow switch on time and focusing speed. It definitely wouldn't be a good camera to use for sports, but I'm wondering whether it would hold up well for scrambling kids as well. Hmm...maybe if I win the lotto I'll get this camera. Until then, I guess we will just stick with our point-and-shoot.


  1. You should go and get that SLR. I'm partial to Canon, but the D60 is good too. In addition to low light pics, where the SLRs really shine is low shutter lag. When you push the button, it takes a picture. And a split second later, you can hit the button and take another picture. It's great for taking pics of little ones as they move around. I can't tell you how many times I've missed shots with my P&S, waiting for it to recycle.

    I wouldn't let the thought of carrying both Ethan and the camera keep you from buying an SLR. There are plenty of other occasions - around the house, when both you and Bob are around. When you're alone with Ethan, you can just take your P&S. That's pretty much what I do. I rarely take the SLR with me when I'm alone with Katie. So buying an SLR can only make things better. Well, except you'll start cursing your sloooow P&S. :)

  2. That's true...I've been wanting to upgrade our camera and have been researching for awhile now, so it is about time I get a new one. Maybe I'll take some photography classes as well - fun!