Monday, February 16, 2009


Lately we have started to hear music playing during the middle of the night and whenever we put Ethan down for his nap. Hmm...which little baby keeps turning on his mobile during lights out time? I finally caught the cutie on film (note: please see post below on what happens to non-nappers!).

Not happy with just turning on the mobile he next started eyeing the kangaroo.

That sure looks tasty.


Here is a video (Ethan is definitely partial to Mr. Roo and will just wait until he comes around):

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  1. Totally caught red-handed! That is too funny that instead of napping, he is amusing himself in so many ways with his mobile! I'm really impressed with his tummy time, he can hold his head up AND do things with him arms! Can't wait to see a video of him crawling, it's just around the corner!