Saturday, February 21, 2009

Best Week Ever

One of these babies is having the best week ever.

We had a very busy week. It started last Sunday when Graham and Sally came to visit:

Later that day Kelvin and Julee dropped by:

Kelvin is showing Ethan the importance of his ....booster seat buckle

Then Mike came to stay for a few days. Ethan loves it when Mike stays over, especially when he lets him play on his computer.

After Ethan successfully destroyed Mike's keyboard (his little fingers are surprisingly adept at popping off the keys and even the mouse eraser was soon a goner) we all went out to lunch. Our first restaurant experience. Ethan happily played with his toys while we ate our appetizers. =) We had to get the rest take out because he became a bit tired.

Then Allen came to visit followed by Michael (Chiu) and Martguerita. On Friday we went up to visit Sungsim, Erika, Alex, and Matt. To end the week, Angela, Perkin, Christina and Wayne came to visit. (Will update later with pictures). All in all, a fun week!

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