Friday, February 20, 2009

Playtime is fun (kind of)

Today we took Ethan to Gymboree. So many toys and babies to play with! He loved bubble time because he could grab at the bubbles and also liked watching different colored balls as they rolled down a slide. He however did not like to roll on a ball or slide down the slide himself. =)

Look, I'm a pendulum!

Wow, this ball is ginormous.

Unfortunately, I think being around so many new things and people overwhelmed him. Ethan likes meeting new people, but a large group is difficult for him. Every time we take him out where there are lots of people (the mall/church/playgroups) he gets a bit upset. This does not bode well for our move to Hong Kong where there is such a dense population in such small quarters. Poor baby. Well, character building will start early in this household.

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I definitely want to try a free class sometime. Katie is totally the same way, she is great when there aren't too many strangers/people around. But when there are too many, she just kind of hides away from everyone else and keeps to herself. Takes after me! :) It'll be good training for him in HK, it's like full immersion (like French exchange programs), he'll learn fast to like crowds! :)