Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Din Din Time!

This post is more of a product rave. When we first started solids I thought that bibs were unnecessary (such naivete!). Ethan happily let us feed him and we never got a mess. However, Ethan has now decided that he wants to feed himself. He grabs at the spoon and can actually get it neatly into his mouth but in-between bites he will want to eat his hand and then will wipe the food from his hand on his face/clothes/hair/chair. You get the idea. We found the best bibs at Ikea - they have sleeves and are waterproof and after eating we can just rinse it off and are good to go. Now if only they have something that automatically catches utensils from falling on the floor. Even though the tray of his booster seat is RIGHT THERE Ethan always decides to let the spoon go only over the floor.

1 comment:

  1. I've been looking everywhere for sleeved waterproof bibs, but they are usually really expensive. Are these a good price? You're using our booster seat, yippee! :) I personally wish they had something that automatically wiped up fallen food on the floor! :P I guess that's why we have a Scooba! ;P You have any videos of him eating/making a mess? :)