Monday, February 16, 2009

Crime and Punishment

The Crime -

Fighting sleep and boycotting daytime naps.

Ethan hates to sleep and loves to play. This would be great as I would love to play with him all day but for the following reasons: 1) he is tired (duh) and therefore will just want to lie around on his tummy as he doesn't have the energy to even lift his head 2) he becomes cranky and generally a big fusspot as the day goes on. Baby always wins in our house however and so if baby wants to play, baby gets to play. But only on mommy's terms. Which leads us to....

The Punishment -

Baby has to model a ridiculous outfit.

We received some hand-me-downs from our cousin in Taiwan. Don't get me wrong - I love me some freebies and clothes are clothes. But this picture can't really convey the ridiculousness of this outfit. The bottom of the overalls are like parachute pants. If Ethan could stand he would not be able to walk because of the sheer amount of material hanging off of him. Apparently Asia (or my cousin) has a very different fashion sense and likes to model baby clothes off of bowling balls. Or miniature clowns.

Bring on the funny outfits! (Don't worry, Ethan will get back at me for posting these pictures during the wee hours of the morning).

I don't know what happened.
Someone suddenly just started attacking me with red pom poms.

Better watch out or my butt is gonna eat you!

Oh this? They give you a kimono after the manicure.

Mommy, puffy sleeves went out in the 80's.
I'll be remembering this...ohhhh, is that a balloon?

What do you mean I'm nekkid? I'm wearing my towel!

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  1. Wow...that is quite a punishment! I sure am glad we live in the US where baby clothes are cute! :) That monster on the butt outfit is crazy but kind of cute in a strange way, but the parachute pants get-up leaves me speechless. I think Ethan is going to use these pics in his wedding slideshow someday. ;)