Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baby Eats All

Our baby has always been a great eater. When we were reading the books describing newborn feeding styles it has been clear from day one that Ethan is what is described as 'The Barracuda' - he is all business when it comes to food. Now that we are on solids, his voracious appetite is apparent from not only the quantity that he eats, but how he eats. He attacks and clamps down on the spoon as if he didn't just have a mouthful of food a second ago. If we are too slow at spooning him food he will pound the table in eager anticipation. If we show him his bottle and don't feed him the next second, he gets very upset and actually cries in anger. And if there is a toy that he wants, it's in his mouth the next second. Lately, every time I pick up a camera to take a picture, I always find an object in his mouth. There is no doubt about it - our baby loves to eat.


  1. I've never heard of the different eating styles. One day when we get together, we should have Ethan and Katie have an eating competition! ;P It is really great to have a baby who loves to eat, it makes life so much easier for the parents and the baby can grow big and strong. Your slide show was great! And I'm happy to see our elephant is one of his preferred eating objects! ;) And him eating Bob's nose is the best pic!

  2. By the way, yes that is the Skiphop placemat and I like it a lot. It has rubbery feet on the bottom that prevents slipping. But doesn't not protect against being picked up and almost thrown! :P I like a lot of Skiphop's products. I saw a cool drying rack at my friend's house, but we already had one. And we have the changing pad thingy (inspired by seeing it on your registry). Putting finger foods right on the tray works well. I only moved her to the place setting because she kept leaning over the tray to put things on the table so I thought she'd like it better and I think she does! :)