Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello HK!

We got into HK last Friday morning. It was Ethan's first big adventure! His very first flight, and it was a 15 hour one at that. It went surprisingly well. I was very leary of taking him across the country, given that the two days before our move he didn't sleep well because of the din and chaos caused by our movers. We took a midnight flight in hopes that he would sleep better because then he would be extra tired as it was his nighttime. We tried to prolong his sleeping by driving to the airport and checking in seperately so that we could keep him in the car as long as possible. However, everytime the car stopped he would wake up and then get excited because he was in new surroundings. Oops.

Since we had about a hour and half to burn while waiting to board our flight we tried one last time to get Ethan to sleep by setting up his travel crib (this incidently is the best porta crib ever. It is super light weight, comes in its own case, and pratically unfolds itself. It seriously takes only 10 seconds to set up and maybe half a minute to pack back up. Oh, and it's super comfy. Okay enough raving):

As you can see he would have none of it. We tried to block out the overhead lights with our jackets but still he was too excited to sleep.

Ethan's first plane ride!

Luckily once we boarded he slept great! Good thing we brought his carseat, that was a lifesaver. He did have a mini meltdown 5 hours into the flight but it turned out he was hungry so not really his fault. Other than that it was a pretty good flight.

While we had brought a backpack full of toys and books, he happily spent the majority of time on the plane just playing with his feet:

He even was happy during diaper changes. I think we have a traveler in our hands!


Wait, you're not filming this are you?!

Awww, mom. This is sooo embarrassing!

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  1. I'm so glad the flight went smoothly! Did you have to change a poopie diaper during the flight? We did when we went to Cali, that was the only part of the flight I didn't like. Such a happy baby! :) All smiles, it's great!