Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunny Days

This weekend it finally warmed up a bit. Combined with the fact that Bob was home from his Japan trip motivated me enough to venture out. I somehow got the flu when I first got to HK (like over a week ago- why am I still sick?!) so I have been pretty much just lounging around all day in my pjs. Though, I suppose if I weren't sick I would still be lounging around in pjs. I am a SAHM now after all.

On this nice weekend we were able to do many things.

We got to go grocery shopping (Ethan is ready to finish up with the chores and get on with the playing already!):

We got to lounge around naked (the baby not the adults):

We bonded with Nai Nai:

We explored our complex:

We went to the beach and the beach playground (I'm so sad that I can't find any swings at any of the playgrounds here. Where are the swings? Baby wants to swing!):

We practiced our babbling skillz:

And finally ended the week with a tickle fest.


  1. The laughing and squealing tickle video is just too cute! Such a happy baby, love all the smiley happy baby pics! Can't believe how big he is getting! Sorry you got the flu though! :( His babbling skills are quite impressive, he's got the baabaa sound down pat, time to get him a sheep stuffed animal and name it baabaa so he can call for it! ;)

  2. Love his squealing! You guys look like you are settling nicely into HK life!