Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our Hong Kong Apartment

We are currently staying in the Repulse Bay at the serviced apartment The Repulse Bay. Inventive building complex name no? The area is nice since we can walk to the beach. The complex also has a nice club with indoor children's playground, outdoor playground, restaurants, and a grocery store. There are a lot of expats living here and we have met many babies at the playground. However, all of them are always there with their nannies and not the parents. I guess I'll be making friends with the nannies!

The outdoor playground has some cool equipment. Here we are playing with Ethan. My mom thought it was fun and she had to try too!

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  1. What an awesome playground, that's so cool that is part of your apt complex. Looks like the parents and Grandma are enjoying it a lot too! :) I love Ethan's hat!