Monday, March 23, 2009

Mr. Perfect

Everyday we make a daily stop at our local Wellcome grocery store since it is just downstairs from our apartment. Inside there is a little section with children's books and the selection is swapped out every few days. Today there were a couple Mr. Men and Little Miss books. Since there was no Mr. Cutie Pie book for my cutie, I jokingly held out a Mr. Grumpy book for Ethan to look at.

Me: Look Ethan! This is Mr. Grumpy! Who is Mr. Grumpy?
Ethan (feigning disinterested): ......

After ignoring me he then suddenly lunged towards another book and started laughing at the cover. Whaddya know?

Me: Oh, you like Mr. Perfect huh?
Ethan (with a new sound of the day at the most opportune time): Ya!
Me (laughing): And who is Mr. Perfect? Are you Mr. Perfect?
Ethan: Ya!
Me: Wow, you can say Ya! Now can you say Ma? Try to say Ma Ma.
Ethan (clear as day): Da Da!

Well, one thing is true. E really is Mr. Perfect to me.


  1. AWWWW that is SUCH a cute story! How are you liking HK? You guys getting settled in?

  2. Yes! We are actually moving to Parkview for next month before we move to our permanent place(I really like our area but the apartment is really old and small). So many moves! I'll call Lily to see if she wants to meet up since we will be in the same complex. Hope you and your buns are doing well! =)

  3. I love the Little Miss and Mr. Men books, I was actually wanting to get the whole series but it is way expensive even on Amazon. That is such a funny story! You gotta get a video of him saying DADA, I can't wait to see, can't believe he is talking already!! And you gotta get working on getting him to say MAMA! ;) I heard Dada is much easier to say than Mama. Samuel said Dada before he was 1. He didn't says Mama until he was 19 months! Crazy!