Monday, March 9, 2009

Mommy or Daddy?

From the beginning everyone, and I mean everyone - from strangers to family to friends, have commented upon seeing Ethan for the first time that he looks exactly like Bob. The commenter would then (probably after seeing my crestfallen face) say but...he seems to have your eyes/mouth/etc. It's fine though - even I have to admit that Ethan really is a mini Bob. And it's not just how he looks. For instance, Ethan can be quite a grumpity grump. Just kidding! =) My real example is that when Ethan is taken into bright direct sunlight he will sneeze multiple times just like his Daddy. Ethan also loves to eat much like his Daddy. Lastly, Ethan has an abundance of energy and is always pumping his legs around much like the way Daddy cannot sit still and always jiggles his legs (although this might be more Bob's way to burn additional calories than actual nervous energy). The only thing that Ethan for sure has inherited from me is his head of uncontrollable hair.

Now that Ethan is a bit older (at the wise old age of 7 months!), I thought I would go scientific. Bring on the look-alike meter please!

Well, who woulda thunk? It turns out our little sweetpea is a perfect blend of both of us!

1 comment:

  1. Lucky duck, Ethan looks like both of you equally! I tried it after seeing yours and science confirms what everyone has been saying, Katie looks more like Andrew, by 18%. It's okay though, I like how she looks, as long as she's cute, it doesn't matter who she looks like! ;P